Wednesday, January 17, 2007


here is some of what i have been working on this week:

this is the "lymon" sweater for a friend...she's unsure whether it's a boy or girl, hence the 2 button sets! yeah, it's customizable AND interactive. i'm so hip on the new technology.

here are the baby uggs! i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

uggs with hat -- the cutest hat ever! the earflaps can tie up on the top with the strings...


michelle said...

These Uggs are the cutest! You are so talented. Michelle or MomAz from MC

stringbing said...

I would dare say even Uggs for adults are so cute...step aside for the minature version! I am dying to get ahold of those tiny Uggs! You just keep getting more and more clever...Put in an order for me!